3 Photo Editing Apps That You Should be Using for Your Business’s Social Media Efforts

At Imagine It Studios, we take social media very seriously. Almost too serious, you can say. Obviously, the more creative you are with your posts, the higher the chances of gaining followers, shares and likes. We’ve found that it really helps to create unique strategies and photo styles for each client. This way, it’s sure... read more


You may have noticed a short while back that we performed a major overhaul of our website. We felt that now was the time to speak out about it after working out all of the kinks and glitches that naturally come with any new site build. We take pride in creating beautiful, functional and appealing... read more

3 Rising Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Anyone in the digital marketing arena understands that a key and crucial strategy is keeping up with the changes of an ever-evolving industry. For example, SEO is always evolving and one way to beat or catch up with the competition is to evolve with it. Below are some upcoming trends that are sure to grow... read more

Looking at How the Fourth of July Stirs Marketing Creativity

Looking at How the Fourth of July Stirs Marketing Creativity As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence with family cookouts, parades and, of course, fireworks, marketing companies are overhauling their campaign ads. Some can be forgettable, but the best ones can lead to costumers noticing you. In honor of our nation’s independence, Imagine It... read more

7 Marketing Ideas to Turn Your Luck Around this Friday the 13th

Knocking on wood and carrying a rabbit’s foot. These are just two of the superstitions we’ve heard for having good luck. Whether you find them senseless or silly, millions believe in them. For even the most experienced marketing company, superstitions can also be believed, and when the worst happens, it’s blamed on bad luck. Instead... read more

Fresh Takes: Tangents and Brainstorming

So meetings here are usually pretty fun. Yeah, I’m actually being 100% serious about that. In fact, I actually look forward to meetings with the team because anything can happen. We go on tangents sometimes. It’s nothing bad because work still gets done. Actually, these tangents usually end up helping our clients in the long... read more

Viral Horror: The Spooky Stories of the Internet

Have you ever found yourself reading a scary story online? You know, maybe some weird trip through Wikipedia, or a thread on Reddit that a friend sent you? Do you remember how you felt reading it? That feeling of uneasiness wasn’t exactly terror, but it compelled you to reluctantly check over your shoulder anyway. The... read more

Staying on Target: The Benefits of Writing for Smaller Audiences

When it comes to writing content for an audience, speaking to a few is sometimes better than speaking to many. It’s often easy to assume that simply casting the biggest net out there and trying to grab as much attention possible will work in your favor. Yes, this has its advantages, especially if you’re a... read more

Introducing ‘The Content Avenue’, a Division of IIS

We noticed a rising niche in the world of digital marketing, and since we aim to please, we jumped at the opportunity. Many of our prospective clients who already have a perfectly workable website were in search of something that would simply help them stay relevant in search engine ranks. They wanted substance. The visual... read more