Can Regulating Facebook Affect Your Marketing Efforts?

It’s no surprise that social media giant Facebook has surpassed most broadcasting media companies with its two billion active users. According to a study conducted by MSNBC, 45% of American adults get their news exclusively from Facebook. As a result, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is going back and forth on the idea of possibly... read more

Why You Should Never Neglect Content for Your Business’ Website and Social Media Accounts

There are many elements that go into digital marketing, such as web design, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. The content that makes up your website and social media posts is imperative since it determines your business's credibility. It’s very important to hand your company’s content responsibility to someone who can... read more

Engineering a New Look and User Experience for Solorio, Inc.

Solorio, Inc. and the many members of our talented team are familiar with what goes into creating a work of art. The company’s owner, Simon Solorio, is an expert at blueprints and design, so he knows what it takes to make a structure look amazing. In the last few years alone, his company has received... read more

3 Photo Editing Apps That You Should be Using for Your Business’s Social Media Efforts

At Imagine It Studios, we take social media very seriously. Almost too serious, you can say. Obviously, the more creative you are with your posts, the higher the chances of gaining followers, shares and likes. We’ve found that it really helps to create unique strategies and photo styles for each client. This way, it’s sure... read more

Looking Serene: Proudly Introducing Avalon Spa & Salon’s Newest Website!

Avalon Spa & Salon has been dedicated to helping clients feel and look beautiful while taking them into the realm of relaxation. We felt it was important to upgrade their website with a more contemporary look that perfectly translated this philosophy. Although it was a long effort that required the work of so many members... read more

Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Instagram Stories to Build its Brand Awareness

In August of 2016, the world was introduced to Instagram Stories, a feature that allowed adding stickers and filters to photos and videos before disappearing after 24 hours. Yes, this sounds very much like what Snapchat does, however, Snapchat can be abrasive and raw, which is fine if you’re sharing content with friends and family.... read more

Instagram Collections: What Many Claim is a Copy of Pinterest’s Most Popular Feature

Snapchat’s features are no strangers to being targeted by Facebook and Instagram. Last year alone, the two released their own versions of a story feature mimicking the already-successful “Snapchat Stories”. Just in case you aren’t aware of what’s been happening over the past few years on social media, here’s a brief overview of what we’re... read more

Putting it Bluntly: A Few Unique Ways Big Name Companies Have Used 4/20 Advertising

Putting your blue or red views aside, the United States has been steadily transforming into the land of red, white and green. North American marijuana sales totaled $6.7 billion in 2016, and in 2017, Colorado’s sales held steadily, topping $100 million for the eighth consecutive month. With nine states already making it legal to light... read more

Making Your Stomach Growl While Exploring Delia’s Tamales’ New Website!

Imagine sitting at your favorite restaurant, eating an unforgettable meal and soaking in all of its deliciousness. The flavors, ambience and personal connection you have with your favorite place to eat is something that can be hard to translate into a website. At Imagine It Studios, we knew that Delia’s Tamales had placed a big... read more

A Quick Look at Facebook Messenger’s Latest Snap-Like Feature

Facebook's latest mobile Messenger update has users amped that the social media giant is catching up with other similar apps. Snapchat stood its ground when denying the sell off of their app to Facebook, and what did Facebook do? Challenged it. Back in August, Instagram introduced "Instagram Stories", which shared a striking similarity to Snapchat.... read more

3 Rising Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Anyone in the digital marketing arena understands that a key and crucial strategy is keeping up with the changes of an ever-evolving industry. For example, SEO is always evolving and one way to beat or catch up with the competition is to evolve with it. Below are some upcoming trends that are sure to grow... read more

5 Social Media Tips That Can Have People Noticing Your Business

Social media is a black hole of businesses, entertainment and news outlets reaching for our attention at all times. This endless tug of war for likes, retweets, shares and follows can seem daunting to any new business owner. Set your worries aside because we’ve put together five important tips that can help businesses garner likes,... read more

What the Digital Marketing World can Learn from the Success of Pokémon Go

In early July, Pokémon Go took the country by storm. A simple mobile game where the goal is to walk about and catch various types of Pokémon? It was guaranteed to be a success considering the game is part of one of the largest and most profitable entertainment franchises in history. If you want to... read more

Digital Transparency: What the Fitbit Controversy Can Teach Us About Saving Your Brand

A recent news topic has made headway in the tech world regarding a very popular workout device - Fitbit - that is allegedly misleading consumers into thinking they are getting a better workout than believed. The news has created quite the debate over the accuracy of tech gadgets in workouts. Several national media outlets, including... read more

7 Marketing Ideas to Turn Your Luck Around this Friday the 13th

Knocking on wood and carrying a rabbit’s foot. These are just two of the superstitions we’ve heard for having good luck. Whether you find them senseless or silly, millions believe in them. For even the most experienced marketing company, superstitions can also be believed, and when the worst happens, it’s blamed on bad luck. Instead... read more

The Tweeting Takeover: How to Handle the Twitter Universe

There’s a popular blue bird that’s taking over how interactions with clientele are handled. Twitter is a big social media network of 140-character-filled statements that can bring your business visibility and generate online buzz. These online tweets are critical for sharing information and connecting you with your audience. The network averages an astonishing 320 million... read more

Change Is Scary: What A Change To Twitter Could Mean For Marketing

Twitter has always been a sort of addiction. The constant stream of news nuggets and content makes is hard to look away sometimes. In a way, that’s the beauty of the platform keeping things short and sweet keeps your eyes on the feed. Change seems to be on the way, though, and it could have... read more

Nostalgia Bomb: What the Past Tells Us About the Web

This week, we came across a wave of nostalgia after stumbling onto a list of the most popular websites of the past. The selections were vast and included the first incarnations of future standards and even sites of our favorite childhood movies. What made sites popular back in the day and how does it apply... read more

No Place Like Home: Boosting Your SEO Rankings Locally

In the past, we’ve covered how crucial SEO is for an online marketing strategy. Quite frankly, no matter how great your site looks, it won’t matter if no one can find it. 89% of consumers use a search engine, primarily Google, to research a company before making a purchase. This means your SEO rank can... read more

Tool Time: What We Use to Build Your Brand

Digital marketing is built on many tools, one being content. For small businesses setting foot in the digital marketing world, building content may seem daunting, but when putting anything together, you need the right tools. Thankfully, there’s an extensive toolbox of quick and efficient apps and software to use. We keep this in mind when... read more

Constructing Clout: Building Business Leads Online

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that consumers have access to so much data with just a few keystrokes and a click. With that kind of power, a consumer has the ability to make extremely informed decisions when it comes to making purchases. Finding leads online is equal parts getting noticed and being listened... read more

Why Video May Become a Big Player in the Digital Marketing Game

We all love a good underdog story. We cheered for Rudy when he finally made it onto the field for the Fighting Irish, and jumped for joy when Rocky put up the fight of his life. Now, video, the little guy in the digital marketing game, has the potential to become a crowd favorite. It’s... read more

Timing is Everything: Knowing When to Tweet

Tweeting is all about timing. Hitting the mark with a post depends on a lot of factors, the biggest being deciding when to hit Tweet. If you post too early, you risk getting buried in the news of the day. Too late and your audience shrinks. If you get your timing just right, the potential... read more

Extreme Website Makeover: The Imagine It Studios Edition

Nobody loves a website makeover more than we do. As much as we love doing them for our clients, we decided to show our own site some much needed TLC. After countless hours of brainstorming and blood, sweat and tears, our digital marketing team is proud to announce the unveiling of our new and improved... read more

Snapchat for Business: Why You and Snapchat Are a Perfect Match

When Snapchat first hit the social world, it was tethered to an image for facilitating the perk of vanishing pictures and videos. The introduction of features like Stories, Discover and image customization have since made Snapchat a social app that has shaken up the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today, Snapchat boasts about 100... read more